Kuzu Tandir with Bulgur Pilaf

KUZU TANDIR is a popular lamb dish in Turkish cuisine. The traditional way to cook lamb shanks is to hook them over coals for hours in a “tandır”, a special oven made from a pit in the ground. In Turkey, many places still cook the lamb in this traditional way, but at home, Kuzu Tandir is usually...
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DONER-KEBAB homemade-style. Doner-kebab literally "rotating grilled meat," is a Turkish dish made of meat or chicken cooked on a vertical spit, then sliced into thin pieces and served wrapped in lavash (tortilla or pita bread) with vegetables  and salad. There are many variations of Doner-kebab, one of them being a homemade version. Ingredients for Doner: 1 lb (450 g) beef...
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Iskender Kebab

ISKENDER KEBAB -Turkish dish (usually referred as Döner Kebab) is one of the most famous dishes of Turkey, and takes its name from its inventor, restaurateur Iskender Efendi. Back in 18 century in Turkey the lamb kebab was cooked above the charcoal fire horizontally. Iskender Efendi realized that each of his customers had different parts of the meat....
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Imam Bayildi

IMAM BAYILDI (The Imam Fainted) Eggplants stuffed with vegetables. There are many stories about the origin of the name of this Turkish dish. Here is one of them. A long time ago there lived a Turkish imam, well known for his appetite and love of good food. One day he surprised his friends by announcing his...
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Albaloo Plov

ALBALOO PLOV - Pilaf with Sour Cherries. Pilaf with sour cherries is a Persian dish called "Albaloo Polo". It is a delicious combination of sour cherries, rice and saffron. Ingredients: 2 cups Basmati rice 7 oz (200 g) butter 2 tbsp saffron (zeferan) infusion 3 quart (3 liter) water for rice 3 tbsp salt for rice 4-6 chicken drumsticks 1 cup pitted cherries (fresh, frozen or...
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