Baku-style Kyata

BAKU-STYLE KYATA Kyata is a cross-national, sweet Middle Eastern pastry. Each nation has its own recipe and name for this simple-but-tasty pastry, but the basic idea each of recipe is the same: flour, butter, and sugar. Even different regions of Azerbaijan prepare Kyata differently. There is Nakhichevani-style Kyata, Karabakh-style Kyata, Baku-style Kyata, and more. Ingredients for the dough: 3 cups flour 8...
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Sheki Pakhlava

SHEKI PAKHLAVA Sheki (or Shaki) is one of the most interesting ancient cities of Azerbaijan, famous of its own sweet Pakhlava (or Pahlava), which made of rice flour (rice powder), nuts and sugar-honey syrup. Anyone visiting in the Sheki city will not be able to resist the temptation to taste Pakhlava. The recipe below will help you to...
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Pakhlava Azerbaijani-style

Pakhlava (Pahlava) is a delicious sweet pastry of Middle Eastern origins. There are several varieties of Pakhlava in Azerbaijan, the most popular of which is the multilayered Azerbaijani-style pakhlava. Traditionally it is eaten during Novruz, an Azerbaijani holiday celebrating the new year and the coming of spring, together with Shekerbura and Shor-Gogal, but is often enjoyed all...
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