BADAMBURA is a popular, sweet, multilayered Azerbaijani pastry with a filling made of peeled almonds (badam), sugar, and aromatic spices. Badambura is usually prepared for the spring holiday Novruz along with other pastries such as Pakhlava, Shekerbura, and Shor-Gogal, but can be enjoyed all throughout the year. The name “Badambura” means “almond pie.” *A full-sized picture...
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Pakhlava Sochi-style

SOCHI-STYLE PAKHLAVA *A full-sized picture is available in the Gallery. Cup size – 250 ml Ingredients for the dough: 2 ½ cups flour 200 g unsalted cold butter 2 egg yolks ½ cup sour cream ¼ cup white granulated sugar 1 packet vanilla sugar (1 tbsp) ½ tsp baking soda 1 pinch of salt Ingredients for the filling: 3 egg whites 1 ½ cups granulated sugar 1 ½ cups chopped...
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Cake “Nagil” (“Skazka”)

“NAGIL” or “SKAZKA,” which means “fairy tale,” is a very popular and beloved cake in Azerbaijan. *A full-sized picture of this dish is available in the Gallery. Cup size – 250 ml Baking pan 11"x 15" (28cm х 38cm) 10 servings  Ingredients for cake layers: 4 large eggs 1 cup sugar 1 cup all-purpose flour Ingredients for cream custard: 2 egg yolks ½ cup milk 1...
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Cake Apsheron

CAKE APSHERON - a favorite of people from Baku. Its original walnut flavor with silky cream made from butter and custard was remembered by people all throughout Baku city in Soviet Azerbaijan. Cake Apsheron was delicacy in those days and even now it’s difficult to find stores that sell it. Ingredients for cake layers: 6 large eggs 2¼ cups sugar...
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SHEKERBURA is one of the most popular Azerbaijani sweet pastries. Shekerbura consists of nuts and sugar wrapped in pastry dough. The outer surface of Shekerbura is decorated using a special tweezers called “maggash”. Shekerbura, together with Pakhlava and Shor-Gogal, is prepared for Novruz, one of the most important spring holidays in Azerbaijan.  According to tradition, the crescent-shaped...
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