PARCHA-BOZBASH is Azerbaijani national dish, which served as a first and a second course meal at the same time. The name of the dish came from the Turkish-Azerbaijani language. “Parcha” means a piece of meat on the bone, “Boz” means gray, and “Bash” means head. Ingredients for 2 portions: 2 lamb shanks 1 onion ½ cup chickpeas 2 medium size potatoes 2 tomatoes (optional) pinch...
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DOVGA – YOGURT & HERB SOUP. Dovga is a traditional Azerbaijani soup made of plain yogurt and herbs. Ingredients: 1 lb (900 g) yogurt 2 qt (2 ltr) water ½ cup short grain rice 1 egg 1 bunch of cilantro 1 bunch of dill 1 bunch of parsley ½ bunch of mint (or dried mint) Salt to taste Preparation: 1. Wash and finely chop the herbs. Read more

Gyurza Sheki style

SHEKI GYURZA (LAMB DUMPLINGS). Gyurza (also spelled as Gyurze) is another Azerbaijani dish, similar to Dushbara. It is a dumpling soup cooked in a lamb broth. The difference between Dushbara and Gyurza is their shape. Gyurza has a long shape and its edges beautifully pinched with a special technique, similar to a French braiding style, which requires...
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DUSHBARA (DUMPLING SOUP) Dushbara, also spelled as Dushbere or Dushpara, is a most favorite and popular Azerbaijani dish. It is sort of dumplings of dough filled with ground meat and cooked in a lamb broth. Per tradition, in Azerbaijan every woman have to, not only cook this popular dish, but also should be able to make dushbara as...
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Etli Dovga

ETLI DOVGA - YOGURT AND HERB SUP WITH MEATBALLS AND CHICKPEAS Dovga is a traditional Azerbaijani soup made of plain yogurt and herbs. Dovga without meat is considered as a classic dish, but Dovga with chickpeas and meat – is a favorite one. To make this, not only tasty, but healthy dish you will need the following ingredients. Ingredients: 1 liter...
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