Chudu (Shemakha kutabs)

CHUDU (SHEMAKHA KUTABS) Chudu is perhaps the most unusual food item in Azerbaijani and Mountain Jews cuisine. It is a crispy puff pastry stuffed with the meat, fried in the oil, and sprinkled with a sugar and sumac (savory spice). This unusual combination of sweetness and sourness makes Chudu very unique. Ingredients for the dough: Flour – 3 cups Milk -...
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Shor-Gogal is a popular, non-sweet multilayered bun with a savory, aromatic filling. This Azerbaijani pastry prepared for the spring holiday Novruz together with sweet pastries such as Pakhlava and Shekerbura.  According to tradition, the round, yellow Shor-Gogal represents the sun and the crescent-shaped Shekerbura represents the moon. Shor-Gogals are holiday pastries, but nowadays they are enjoyed year-round. Cup...
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