Haroset (Charoset, Hasrut, Halegh)

HAROSET, or how it is called in Baku – “HASRUT”, is a sweet and delicious Passover (Pesach) snack made of fruit and nuts. The word "haroset" comes from the Hebrew word “cheres,” which means "clay." Its color and paste-like, thick consistency symbolizes the mortar the Jews had to prepare when they were enslaved in ancient...
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Osh Khoyagusht

OSH KHOYAGUSHT - Pilaf with Khoyagusht (meat, chestnuts and eggs) Name “Khoyagusht” is a Persian origin, as almost all the dishes the Mountain Jews cuisine. Khoya – means eggs and Gusht – means meat. Properly prepared Khoyagusht has a delicate taste and delicious flavor. It can be cooked either in a frying pan or in the oven. Khoyagusht usually served...
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YARPAGI (stuffed cabbage leaves in sour sauce) - the  Mountain Jews dish. The story of the Azerbaijani Mountain Jews began thousands years ago during their exodus from Israel. They passed through Persia, where they picked up an ancient, Farsi-based language and seasoned it with Aramaic, Arabic, and Hebrew, and most of them settled in Baku, Shemakha and Kuba...
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Osh Lobeyi

OSH LOBEYI - Pilaf with Black-Eyed Peas. *A full-sized picture of this dish is available in the Gallery. Ingredients for 4 portions: 2 cups long-grain (Basmati) rice (cup size 250 ml) 3 quarts (3 liter) water 3 tbsp salt 1 cup black-eyed (beans) peas Smoked fish (on the picture is smoked Mackerel) Preparation: Cooking black-eyed peas. Place dried black-eyed peas in a bowl, cover with...
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Matzah Brei

MATZAH BREI (also spelled Matzoh Brei, Matzo Brei, or Matza Brie) means fried matzah. It is one of the traditional Passover holiday breakfasts, but it can be enjoyed all year long. The recipe of Matzah Brei is really simple, so anyone can make it. In Baku this dish is called “Khokhol” (accent on the last syllable) or “Babka”. Ingredients: 2 sheets of...
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