Shomo-Kofte Bebeyi Osh

OSH SHOMO-KOFTE BEBEYI is a Mountain Jew dish. “Osh” means pilaf, “Shomo-Kofte” (Shomo Köfte) means cutlets made of ground meat, and “Bebeyi” means that the dish is prepared in an old-fashioned way. Unlike some of the other dishes of the Mountain Jews, this one is relatively easy to make. *A full-sized picture of this dish is available...
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KHOYAGUSHT-KYARGI (with Chicken). Khoyagusht is a delicate and delicious dish of Mountain Jew cuisine. There are a several types of Khoyagusht: meat (beef or lamb) and chestnut, meat, herb and chestnut, chicken and chestnut, and a simpler version with chicken and potatoes. The first part of the word “Khoyagusht,” “khoya,” means eggs, the second part “gusht,” means meat, and...
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Dolma Shirvani-style

DOLMA SHIRVANI-STYLE is dolma made of grape leaves, finely chopped lamb meat, riblets and sour plums. (My family recipe.) *A full-sized picture of this dish is available in the Gallery. Ingredients: 1 lb (450g) grape leaves (fresh or preserved) 2 lb (900g) lamb 2 lb (900g) lamb riblets 1 large onion ½ cup short-grain rice ½ bunch...
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Dapchunda Osh

DAPCHUNDA OSH - Mountain Jew Pilaf Mountain Jew cuisine is well known for its delicious dishes. The unique recipes of many dishes are passed down from generation to generation. Dapchunda Osh is one of the best pilafs in Mountain Jew cuisine and is made with lamb, dry fruits, and nuts, which are all cooked together in one pot with...
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Ishkena Soup

ISHKENA (Eshkena, Eshkene, Eshkana) - is a very flavorful and tasty soup. This Mountain Jew dish is usually cooked during Pesach (Passover). *A full-sized picture of this dish is available in the Gallery Ingredients for 2-3 servings: 1 lb (½ kg) lamb on bones 1 onion 2 potatoes ½ bunch of parsley ½ bunch of cilantro ½ bunch of spinach 1 bunch of green...
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