Pasta Nautically

Pasta Nautically (also known as Makaroni po-Flotski in the Soviet Union) is a famous Italian dish made of pasta and meat. It’s called "Nautically" because this dish originated in the Navy and used to be a frequent meal for sailors. Non-perishable food, such as pasta and canned meat, were easily stored on the ship. This dish can...
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Shomo-Kofte Bebeyi Osh

OSH SHOMO-KOFTE BEBEYI is a Mountain Jew dish. “Osh” means pilaf, “Shomo-Kofte” (Shomo Köfte) means cutlets made of ground meat, and “Bebeyi” means that the dish is prepared in an old-fashioned way. Unlike some of the other dishes of the Mountain Jews, this one is relatively easy to make. *A full-sized picture of this dish is available...
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Dolma Shirvani-style

DOLMA SHIRVANI-STYLE is dolma made of grape leaves, finely chopped lamb meat, riblets and sour plums. (My family recipe.) *A full-sized picture of this dish is available in the Gallery. Ingredients: 1 lb (450g) grape leaves (fresh or preserved) 2 lb (900g) lamb 2 lb (900g) lamb riblets 1 large onion ½ cup short-grain rice ½ bunch...
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Guru Khingal

GURU KHINGAL There are two types of Khingal dishes in Azerbaijani cuisine – Sulu Khingal and Guru Khingal. Both of them are made with lamb meat, homemade diamond-shape noodles, and fried onion. The difference between them is that Sulu Khingal is served with lamb broth and chickpeas, which are cooked together with the lamb pieces, and Guru Khingal...
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Lyulya-Tava Kebab

LYULYA-TAVA KEBAB In Azerbaijani cuisine, there are many types of kebab, one of which is Lyulya-Tava Kebab--minced meat formed into thin, long, tube-like sausages that are fried in a pan. The word Lyulya means "tube" in Turkish, Kebab means "fried meat," and Tava mean "pan." Ingredients for two servings: 1 lb (½ kg) lamb (not lean) 1 large onion 100g chopped fresh herbs...
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