JIZ-BIZ is an Azerbaijani dish that is traditionally made with fried sheep liver, kidney, lung, heart, and intestines. Each of the components have to be cooked in a specific order and preparing them requires the use of some very special techniques. This recipe, however, is a simpler form of Jiz-Biz that only incorporates lamb or cow liver....
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Kuzu Tandir with Bulgur Pilaf

KUZU TANDIR is a popular lamb dish in Turkish cuisine. The traditional way to cook lamb shanks is to hook them over coals for hours in a “tandır”, a special oven made from a pit in the ground. In Turkey, many places still cook the lamb in this traditional way, but at home, Kuzu Tandir is usually...
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Turshi Kelem Dolmasi Azeri-style

KELEM DOLMASI (stuffed cabbage leaves) is as popular in Baku as is Badimjan Dolamsi (stuffed eggplant, tomato, and bell pepper) and Yarpag Dolmasi (stuffed grape leaves). There are two types of Kelem Dolmasi in Azerbaijani cuisine–Turshi Kelem Dolmasi Azerbaijani-style (cooked with split chickpeas, chestnuts and dried sour plums) and Baku-style Kelem Dolmasi (cooked with tomato sauce). *A...
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Lamb Soyutma

LAMB SOYUTMA Stewed Lamb Shanks. Soyutma means "long and slow-cooking meat." There are two types of soyutma in Azerbaijani cuisine - Lamb Soyutma and Chicken Soyutma. Lamb Soyutma is usually cooked with a lamb shanks - it is both very easy to prepare, and very tasty and satisfying dish. *A full-sized...
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YARPAGI (stuffed cabbage leaves in sour sauce) - the  Mountain Jews dish. The story of the Azerbaijani Mountain Jews began thousands years ago during their exodus from Israel. They passed through Persia, where they picked up an ancient, Farsi-based language and seasoned it with Aramaic, Arabic, and Hebrew, and most of them settled in Baku, Shemakha and Kuba...
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