Toyuq Levengi (Stuffed Chicken)

TOYUQ LEVENGI (STUFFED CHICKEN) Levengi is the name of the chicken or fish stuffing. Toyuq Levengi (Stuffed Chicken) and Baliq Levengi (Stuffed Fish) are the treasure dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine. Levengi stuffing made of walnuts, fried onions and variety of dried fruit, such as plums, prunes, raisins and lavash of sour cherry-plums. Toyuq Levengi usually baked in the oven...
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Toyuq-Doshama Plov

TOYUQ-DOSHAMA PLOV (Pilaf with chicken & chestnuts) Pilaf is the signature dish of Azerbaijani cuisine. It served on special occasions and known in Azerbaijan as Ash or Plov. The rice in Azerbaijani Pilaf should never be sticky. The basic cooking method is to parboil and then steam the rice. Pilaf is usually served as its own dish on...
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