Fiesta Grill

FIESTA CHICKEN & MANGO GRILL (Roasted Chicken & Vegetables with Mango Salsa)

1 small Cornish hen chicken
2 bell peppers
1 medium onion
8-10 mushrooms
2 Mango
2 tomatoes
Salt and pepper
Butter or Vegetable oil

Cut chicken into pieces, season with salt and pepper und brush with melted butter or oil.
Cut the onions and bell peppers into rustic chunks.
Peel the skin from the mango and cut into squares.
String on skewers the veggies in whatever manner – peppers, onions, mushrooms, mangoes, and brush them with oil. Arrange on your baking sheet your vegetables and chicken and roast them at 400 degree in a pre-heated oven-grill or oven-broiler, until the chicken is cooked and skin is gold and crispy. Don’t forget to turn the skewers. They are cooked when they’ll be slightly charred in spots, the skin will be blistered here and there, and they will be tender but still firm. If your vegetables are cooked before chicken, just remove them from the oven and cover with aluminum foil. While chicken and vegetables are cooking, prepare your salsa. Finely chop tomatoes, onion, pepper, cilantro and mango. Add salt and pepper and stir.

Bon Appétit! Enjoy!

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