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Welcome to Flavors of Baku–a website dedicated to the delightful culture and cuisine of Baku, the capital city of oil-rich country Azerbaijan! Take a seat, help yourself to some Azerbaijani tea and pastries while we tell you a bit about our wonderful country, and show you its beauty.

Azerbaijan is a country located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is a beautiful and fascinating country, famous for its hand-woven carpets, distinguished cuisine, and large-scale oil exploration. The capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, is the largest city in the Caucasus region, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Baku located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The most spoken languages in Azerbaijan is Azeri, Turkish, Russian and English. In Baku, you can feel the fusion of eras and cultures and meet the architectural monuments of various international schools of architecture. Azerbaijan is a land of the most hospitable people you could ever meet. People who value the presence of a visitor and treat the guest as if he were a king.
The cuisine of Azerbaijan is one of the most traditional, rich, and delicious cuisines in the world. For the Azerbaijanis, food is an important part of culture and is deeply rooted in the history, traditions, and values of the nation. Azerbaijani cuisine includes more than 40 different pilaf recipes and a wide variety of kebabs, including lamb, beef, chicken, and fish (sturgeon). Azerbaijani dishes are original and unique; they are exquisitely refined and take time and skill to prepare. All dishes on the website are prepared according to traditional recipes with the addition of modern twist and ingredients.
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