KHOYAGUSHT (HOYAGUSHT) The story of the Azerbaijani Mountain Jews began thousands years ago during their exodus from Israel. They passed through Persia, where they picked up an ancient, Farsi-based language and seasoned it with Aramaic, Arabic, and Hebrew, and most of them settled in Baku, Shemakha, and Kuba, three Azerbaijani cities. The Azerbaijani Mountain Jews also refer to...
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Gyurza Sheki style

SHEKI GYURZA (LAMB DUMPLINGS). Gyurza (also spelled as Gyurze) is another Azerbaijani dish, similar to Dushbara. It is a dumpling soup cooked in a lamb broth. The difference between Dushbara and Gyurza is their shape. Gyurza has a long shape and its edges beautifully pinched with a special technique, similar to a French braiding style, which requires...
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DUSHBARA (DUMPLING SOUP) Dushbara, also spelled as Dushbere or Dushpara, is a most favorite and popular Azerbaijani dish. It is sort of dumplings of dough filled with ground meat and cooked in a lamb broth. Per tradition, in Azerbaijan every woman have to, not only cook this popular dish, but also should be able to make dushbara as...
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Beef Stroganoff

BEEF STROGANOFF is a Russian dish of sliced sautéed beef in a sour cream sauce, and garnished with straw potatoes. Was invented by French chef and named for the Stroganoff family of Russian merchants. It has become popular around the world, with considerable variation from the original recipe. Ingredients for 2 servings: 450 g (1 lb) beef tenderloin 1 medium...
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Qutabs with Meat

ETLI QUTABI (MEAT QUTABS) Qutabs (or Kutabs) is a traditional dish of Azerbaijani origins that is made from thin rolled dough that is stuffed with various fillings, and fried over a flat iron plate called “Sadj”, or on a frying pan. There are several variations of this dish, but the ingredients included in the dough are relatively consistent...
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