Lamb Soyutma

LAMB SOYUTMA Stewed Lamb Shanks. Soyutma means "long and slow-cooking meat." There are two types of soyutma in Azerbaijani cuisine - Lamb Soyutma and Chicken Soyutma. Lamb Soyutma is usually cooked with a lamb shanks - it is both very easy to prepare, and very tasty and satisfying dish. *A full-sized...
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Fisinjan Meatballs Plov

FISINJAN PILAF with MEATBALLS. Pilaf is the signature dish of Azerbaijani cuisine. It is usually served on special occasions and known in Azerbaijan as Ash or Plov.  Azerbaijani cuisine has dozens of different types of pilaf, one of the most delicious of them is Fisinjan Plov–a pilaf with meatballs or chicken, cooked in a sweet-and-sour sauce, made of...
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KUFTA-BOZBASH Kufta is one of the most popular Azerbaijani national dishes. It is served as a first and a second course meal at the same time and made of ground lamb or beef formed into medium-sized balls. The word “kufta” (or kyufta) is derived from the Persian word “kuftan,” which means “to beat” or “to grind,” because, traditionally,...
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DONER-KEBAB homemade-style. Doner-kebab literally "rotating grilled meat," is a Turkish dish made of meat or chicken cooked on a vertical spit, then sliced into thin pieces and served wrapped in lavash (tortilla or pita bread) with vegetables  and salad. There are many variations of Doner-kebab, one of them being a homemade version. Ingredients for Doner: 1 lb (450 g) beef...
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Osh Khoyagusht

OSH KHOYAGUSHT - Pilaf with Khoyagusht (meat, chestnuts and eggs) Name “Khoyagusht” is a Persian origin, as almost all the dishes the Mountain Jews cuisine. Khoya – means eggs and Gusht – means meat. Properly prepared Khoyagusht has a delicate taste and delicious flavor. It can be cooked either in a frying pan or in the oven. Khoyagusht usually served...
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